(An Excellent Folk-Rock Hymn by Peter Allen)
with a healthy touch of protest

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I still love this folk-rock hymn, although it has long disappeared from general use. Unfortunately, the churches that now use such musical styles now tend to concentrate on “intimate” P&W songs with far less substance (I guess I’m being somewhat controversial now!)

('Feed Us Now' sheet music in *.gif format)

Words (by Peter Allen)

The people came to hear you,
The poor, the lame, the blind;
They asked for food to save them,
And you fed them body and mind.

Feed us now, O Son of God,
As you fed them long ago.

The ones who didn't listen,
The rich, the safe, the sure,
They didn't think they needed
The offering of a cure.

Feed us now ...

It's hard for us to listen,
Things haven't changed at all;
We've got the things we wanted,
We don't want to hear your call.

Feed us now ...

Yet millions still have hunger,
Disease, no homes and fear;
We offer them so little,
And it costs them very dear.

Feed us now ...

So help us see the writing
Written clear upon the wall:
He who doesn't feed his neighbour
Will get no food at all.

Feed us now ...
Feed us now ...

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