A Setting of the Holy Communion Service (ASB Rite A),
but adaptable for Common Worship

(by Michael Lehr)

Agnus Dei

There are many congregational settings available for what was the commonly-used liturgy until quite recently, but few that are not exclusively geared to the church organ.

This setting was written to provide music that would work with a varied small instrumental group including guitars, or just a keyboard, and (especially) without forcing the words into unnatural rhythms. It’'s worked rather well in practice, and it’s very easily adaptable to the Common Worship liturgy, with no change to the music (though I may add some acclamations at some stage).

This setting is not at all like my very early “Mass Of Saints And Sinners”, as it’s not trying to be high contemporary for its time. But it is at least more modern than most!

There's no embedded sound on this page, but you can listen to a MIDI of any of the parts by selecting from the buttons above. Right-click on a button to save the MIDI to disk.

Download the sheet music and related midi file in "zipped" format?(45Kb)

(page one of 'The Gleneagles Service' 
 sheet music in *.gif format)

(page two of 'The Gleneagles Service' 
 sheet music in *.gif format)

Simple keyboard arrangements in gif format can be downloaded by right-clicking on the links below. But these are not definitive. This is meant to be chord-based music, using the creativity of whatever musicians are available.

Kyrie, Gloria Page 1, Gloria Page 2, Sanctus, Acclamation, Agnus Dei

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