(A new hymn developed from 2 Timothy 3, verses 14-17, by Michael Lehr )

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On Sunday 21 October 2001, I was rostered to lead worship as well as the music at our church, and wanted to include a modern hymn or song that focused solely on the Bible, but I couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill. So I felt a call to try to write one, and this was the result. It’s perhaps not the greatest musically in the emotional sense, but I believe the lyrics offered what I hoped they might, with at least reasonable music. You can be the judge. Incidentally, it should really be somewhat more driving in feel than this MIDI suggests.

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Words (by Michael Lehr)

May your holy word draw us to your goodness,
To share with all others what we’re blessed to receive.
May your word of truth lead us into wisdom,
To live without falsehood as we claim we believe.

May your righteous word impel us to justice
To trust in the power of your mighty arm.
May your word of mercy bring us to forgiveness
That we, in compassion, may cause others no harm

For all scripture is inspired by you,
Though foolishness to those who are perishing.
Good news to those you are saving,
To all who hold fast to your truth, through love.

May your searching word rebuke and correct us,
Inspire and direct us in the way we should go.
May your mighty word show us all your glory,
Reveal your full story, your plan for your world.

For all scripture is inspired by you, ...

May your living word bring hope to the nations,
Peace to creation and healing to souls.
May your holy peace surround and protect us,
Uplift and perfect us as we reach for our goal.

Grant us true discernment,
May we never distort your word,
But in love and holy learning
Grow every day more like you, O Lord.

May your living word bring hope to the nations, ...

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