By Peter Casey and Michael Lehr

(A meditative, deep song either solo or in three-part harmony)

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Peter Casey has been an inspired lyricist for many years, and was a thoughtful backbone of Reflection from the beginning and throughout its most active years. In his earlier years he won quite a few prizes in TV hymn competitions, and deservedly so. Unfortunately (for me as a musical collaborator), in his later years he’s been devoting his energies to other worthwhile activities in the church.

These lyrics were specifically written for a song-cycle, “A Question Of Caring”, along with several other good songs on this site.

I happen to think that this is one of the best sets of lyrics that he wrote for us, and I believe it inspired me to some of my better music! I particularly like the move from “rise with me” to “soar with me” and then “die with me”, followed by the mingling of all three at the end.

In addition to the MIDI file you can also now download an MP3 file of the original Reflection studio recording by clicking here. It has a depth of feeling that is impossible to capture in the MIDI.

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Lyrics (by Peter Casey)

I and I alone, there is no other,
No other way to life, no way to stand.
Here you lie where I lay, forsaken in the tomb;
Can you accept my hand, and rise with me?

I and I alone can tell the secret,
The knowledge and the meaning and the sign.
Can you trust your weary life to dangerous belief,
Release your mooring-line, and soar with me?

I alone am the stars and moon,
The light, the truth and the end of time;
I alone am the hidden tune
That haunts each empty soul that's forgotten its rhyme.

I and I alone am your beginning,
Beginning and the end and all between.
Can you tread the lonely road you'll find to be myself,
Be all that I have been, and die with me?
And die with me? (And rise with me?)
And die with me? (And soar with me?)
Can you rise?

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