(A folk-hymn of confession by Bill Christian)

(updated 10 September 2008 - revised MIDI & MP3)

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This came out of Cambridge in the late-60s, and I think it was very good for that period - quite a while before the current P&W movement. I think it still has quite a lot to offer today.

I didn't ever get to meet Bill Christian, as he was just after my time in Cambridge, but he was clearly a talented writer (and I hope he still is).

Reflection recorded a version of this on RL303, "Reflection On Hymns Of Our Time", and you can download an MP3 of that by clicking here.

('I Don't Know Where I Am Going' sheet music in *.gif format)

Lyrics (by Bill Christian)

I don't know where I am going when I set out every day.
Usually I don't remember who I meet or what I say.
What I want to find is somewhere I will really want to stay.
Lord, our goal is in our journey: let us find you on our way.

I have seen a man in hunger, and not noticed you were there.
You stretched out your hand before me and I walked on unaware;
Taken up with private problems I neglect another's care;
Jesus, lay your hands upon us; show us how to stop and share.

I have lost the way to find you and I spend my time alone,
In a world of my creation with a language of my own.
I don't know where I am going; I forget what I have known.
Jesus, give us our direction, let us go where you have gone.

All our mornings are discordant, and our evenings out of key.
All our work has lost its rhythm, and our love its harmony.
You have set your love before us, yet we don't know how to see.
Show us how to live your music, make our lives your symphony.

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