(by Phillip Wages)

"Written for Dennis and Denise, who positively influenced my life at just the right time,
and whom I know will have a great marriage! God Bless!" - Phillip

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This is a very different but appealing “wedding song” written by Phillip Wages for two very close friends.

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When I look in your eyes
I've just got to think
of the wondrous love
God has given us.
It touches my heart
and I melt in two
when I simply think
of what God's giv'n us two.

And I thank God for all I've got in you,
this love so pure, pure and true.
I thank God, I thank God, I thank God for you.

when we took our vows
and I gave me to you
my heart beat hard
for what we're to do.
"Through sickness and in health
so long as we live" -
you gave your heart
with God to me.

And I thank God ....

And He died on the cross so our love would know
the fullness of His love, and how we could grow
in Him together.

And I thank God ....

1997 Phillip Wages. Used by permission.

Phillip can be contacted at PhilWages@townsgr.com.

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