(A Slow-paced Worship Song by Tim Barber)

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Tim was one of the first songwriters I met through the original Christian Songwriters Group mailing list back in 1997, and well among the most talented. That was before the days of MP3s, so I only had the lyrics, chords and melody line from which to create this MIDI. However, it rapidly became a firm favourite at my church as well as with others who have tried songs from this website.

Now, eleven years later, Tim has sent me a CD which contains his own arrangement with his wife Shelly singing, and it was quite a revelation. You can download or listen to an MP3 of that recording by clicking here. Whilst I’d always envisaged the song as quite vigorous though slow-paced, Tim and Shelly’s recording is altogether more ethereal, and very listenable.

I always think it’s a mark of a good song that it can take very different treatments equally well, and this is no exception. I just wish that he’d regain the time and inspiration to write more songs like this!

('It's Jesus (the Lover of my Soul) sheet music in *.gif format)

Words (by Tim Barber)

Who can fill my heart with joy, when all the earth is trembling?
Who can sing a song of love so sweet my heart comes running?
Who can take a wounded soul
And fill it up with life, and make it whole?

It's Jesus, it's Jesus, it's Jesus, the lover of my soul
It's Jesus, it's Jesus, it's Jesus, the lover of my soul....!

Who can fill our broken world with grace that leads us to repent?
Who can fill a broken heart with hope and faith thats heaven-sent?
Who has walked our road of pain
And bears the Name that is above all names?

Who has promised us that we will live with Him forever
If we will deny ourselves, and learn to love each other?
Who calls us to take our cross
And count the former things to us as loss?

1991 Papa's Music. Used by permission.

Tim can be contacted at". He's written some excellent songs,
all of which are covered by the Christian Copyright Licensing International licence for churches.

Some of them are on his privately-produced cassette,
"Let Your Kingdom Come (Songs for the Feast of Tabernacles), which is well worth a listen.

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