(A Reflective Worship Song for Palm Sunday)

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I loved these lyrics that Derrick sent me as soon as I first read them. I hope the music does them justice.

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Words (by Derrick Barber)

A songbird sings in a cypress tree,
Irises bloom in Bethany,
But what have you come out to see,
O Jerusalem?

To pilgrim shout and answering bray
He's riding down the hill today
With sorrow in his heart, to say,
"O Jerusalem"!

Will you destroy with cries obscene
The life of this young Nazarene,
In April when the woods are green,
O Jerusalem!

A man of all men brave and true,
He'll bear the hurtful things you do
And never cease from loving you,
O Jerusalem.

If you restrain the foolish crowd
Ere love is laid beneath its shroud,
The very stones will shout aloud,
O Jerusalem.

Weep not for him as he goes by,
Some mother's son condemned to die;
For you and for your children cry,
O Jerusalem.

Had you but known the way that lies
To peace beneath these ancient skies!
But no, tis hidden from your eyes,
O Jerusalem!

The words of this hymn are copyrighted to the author
whose permission has still to be obtained for their further reproduction.

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