(A meditative song exploring Mary's feelings after the Annunciation
by Peter Casey, Richard Bradshaw and Michael Lehr)

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Most of the lyrics for this were written by Peter Casey for the Reflection worship-presentation event, "Sonburst, A Search For Christmas" at the Central Hall, Westminster in December 1974. Richard Bradshaw wrote the imaginative music for the verses, and Michael Lehr added the bridge.

You can hear an MP3 of a subsequent small-scale live performance in 1976 by clicking here.

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Words (by Peter Casey and MichaelLehr)

Verse 1:
Now it begins, now the long waiting,
the waiting for the end of my time.
And growing within me
the seed of our future,
the sun of the Lord that forever shall shine.

Verse 2:
Now it begins, and still my heart trembles,
caught up in things more great than it knows;
For heaven and earth
have touched in my body,
and what shall be born only time can disclose.

There's no need for worrying, for I'm safe in his care.
Time is ever hurrying to the future I bear.

Verse 3:
Now it begins, and strange the beginning;
beginning so the end must be rare.
This moment the centre
of things beyond knowing,
and all that shall be in my body I bear.

Words and music 1974 Reflection Christian Music

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