(by John Merrick & Michael Lehr)

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This resulted from another collaboration across the Atlantic in the Christian Songwriters' Group mailing list. John posted some unfinished lyrics which looked to have great potential - especially the repeated rhymes at the beginning of the chorus leading up to an explosive "Resurrection Day" at the end. I aimed to give them music with an appropriate feel of urgency, and together we continued to refine the lyrics.

A reasonable working version had its first congregational outing on Easter Sunday (1998), but for a number of years development ceased. In 2007, however, I took it back to the CSG List, and after some good critiques from others I think it's considerably improved.

In addition to the MIDI there's now an MP3 that you can download by clicking here.

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Lyrics (by John Merrick and Michael Lehr)

The blackest night - that's how it all seemed
As his followers gathered at the end of that week
They'd lost the fight - what did it all mean,
Now that the cruel had defeated the meek?
They'd watched their Saviour die on a cross,
Their hopes of victory fade into loss.

Chorus 1:
There was cheating, there was lying,
There was weeping, there was crying.
Even Peter was denying that he knew the one who's dying
But how glorious was the dawn that would lift their dark dismay,
And would send them out rejoicing as their fears were swept away.
Resurrection Day!
The stone is rolled away!
It's Resurrection Day!

As dark as night, that's how it can seem
When we live with disaster and surrender to fear.
We lose the fight - abandon our dreams;
Justice and mercy are a fragile veneer.
Despair can drive us into the ground
If we ignore where true hope is found

Chorus 2:
We see cheating, we see lying
We see weeping, we see crying
Just like Peter, we're denying that we know the one who's dying
But how glorious is the dawn that will lift our dark dismay,
And will send us out rejoicing as our fears are swept away.
Resurrection Day!
The stone is rolled away!
It's Resurrection Day.

Jesus brought a message, but it wasn't just his preaching.
Jesus came and taught us, but it wasn't just his teaching.
It should have been finished with his death by crucifixion,
But the point of it all was his glorious Resurrection

Chorus 3:
No more cheating, no more lying,
No more weeping, no more crying,
For our souls there'll be no sighing, as we see the end to dying;
Then a still more glorious dawn will surround us with his grace,
And will lift us up rejoicing as we meet him face to face. Resurrection Day!
The stone is rolled away!
It's Resurrection Day.

1998, 2007 John Merrick & Michael Lehr, Reflection Christian Music
10 Holcot Close, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 5FL, UK

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