As I said on the main page, I don't claim to be an authority on either old or new Christian music, and I don’t sell sheet music published by others. Nor am I able to send to others copies of music that might be in my personal collection, for copyright reasons.

In fact, very few published modern Christian songs are available legitimately on the Internet - certainly as sheet music. The publishers are not that interested in giving their business away, although they will sometimes quote the lyrics for promotional purposes.

If you want to trace the publisher of a song you know has been recorded, your best bet is to try the search engines on the websites of the two US copyright agencies. The song is almost certainly registered with one or other or both of them.

The websites can be found at:

ASCAP and BMI, and there you will find addresses and perhaps telephone numbers of the publishers. Then you can contact them and find out if the song is currently available.

If all else fails, you could try contacting Vince Perna, who runs the online Christian “River of Life” bookstore. You can reach him by email at Whilst he mainly deals with current material, he is very knowledgeable and helpful in tracing songs as his time allows.

For hymns go to the Google website and do a search for “Hymns”. That will give you a list of websites giving the lyrics to a vast number of public domain hymns, often accompanied by simple MIDIs. Sometimes you may even be fortunate enough to chance on the lyrics to a current Christian song by doing a search on the title (enclosed in quotes).

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