(A Contemporary Rock Carol by Rob Cox)

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Rob is a talented songwriter/guitarist who was a much-valued member of Reflection over many years, and this was one of his early songs which we included on our "Nativity" album. You can hear an MP3 of that track by clicking here, or of a slower live recording from 1976 by clicking here.

('Shadow of Calvary' sheet music in *.gif format)

Lyrics (by Rob Cox)

Jesus laid in dirt and hay,
Mary waiting for the day;
Neither knowing all the pain to come.
God has made this earth his home.

Mary and Joseph watch filled with pride;
Mary is crying with joy inside.
Tears will fall again, but joy won't last;
Thirty years will quicky pass,
Will quickly pass.

Laughing and playing amidst the smell,
Turning and kicking, he starts to yell;
Laugh and play young Jesus while you can;
Death awaits your growth to man,
Your growth to man.

Wise men, and shepherds with bleating lambs -
Reach out and touch them with baby hands;
Hands that soon will grasp at rusty nails,
Hands outstretched to welcome hell,
To welcome hell.

(Repeat first verse and last line)

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