(by Michael Lehr, from the Hebrew round)

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Back in the late sixties I came across a translation of this four-part (potentially eight-part) round from the Hebrew. I was seeking a simple blessing in the folk style that was then very popular, and thought it had a lot of what I was looking for.

The translation was just “Shalom, my friends, shalom, my friends, shalom, shalom. We’ll meet again, we’ll meet again. Shalom, shalom.”

Well, it was certainly simple, but for me just a bit too simple, Yes, I knew that shalom was God’s peace, but I wanted something a bit more explicit. So I developed it into the following piece. I think it still retains simplicity of language, but becomes a rather more positive blessing for the close of worship.

I also changed the last note of each line so that it didn’t continue moving up, which I felt gave the melody a more restful feel. Fortunately, both the original words and music were in the public domain, so I couldn't be pursued for infringement of copyright!

There is an MP3 file from the 1971 Reflection recording, “Reflection On Hymns Of Our Time” that can be listened to or downloaded by clicking here.

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Lyrics (by Michael Lehr)

Shalom, my friends, God's peace, my friends, go with you now;
And stay with you in all you do. Shalom, shalom.

The words and music of this are copyright 1971 to
Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England
and may only be reproduced under the terms of the Churches Copyright Licence.

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