(A Guitar-based Hymn for Holy Communion)

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My first guitar-based hymn where I produced the words as well as music. I was aiming for an honest expression of what Christians could say about the experience of Communion, and it was a struggle to try to express deep biblical truth in straightforward words. Thirty-odd years later I still think we need more of that!

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Words (by Michael Lehr)

So many things we can't fully understand,
Not least of these our Saviour's last command.
But though it still may stay a mystery,
It seems to make sense somehow.

People may say it's all a waste of time.
Why make so much of eating bread and wine?
But if that's all that there were to it
We wouldn't be here right now.

The bread and the wine are to us the body and blood of our Lord -
Not easy to see, we know.
But the church through the ages has affirmed that this is true,
And our own experience tells us that it's so.

Although we like to think that we are strong,
It's always God who's guiding us along.
We gain his power at this communion
To help us to do his will.

The bread and the wine represent the life that we offer to God -
The blessings that we can't earn.
In his infinite love he gives them back to us with grace
So that we have strength to love him in our turn.

Here as his church we do as we believe:
We bring our lives to offer and receive,
And know that Christ who died to save us
Is risen and with us still.

The words of this hymn are copyrighted to Josef Weinberger Ltd
and may not be reproduced in any form without permission.

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