(A subtle and challenging song by Sydney Carter
which is often misunderstood and accordingly much underrated)

the key to the song is in the last two lines!

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Words (by Sydney Carter)

If you are a son of man
You wonder where you're going,
And what will happen when you die -
There is no way of knowing.
They talk about a heaven
And they talk about a hell,
But whether they are right or not
No son of man can tell.

But if I were the Son of God,
And if they crucified me,
I'd think that I was luckier
Than those who hung beside me.
I'd know that I would rise again,
And all things would be well;
But when you are a son of man,
However can you tell?

If you are a son of man
Then you can be mistaken;
You hang upon a cross of doubt,
You feel you are forsaken.
And whether you will rise again
Is more than you can tell;
And if you were the Son of Man
You've tasted this as well.

The words and music of this hymn are copyright 1965 & 1969 to
Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England
and may only be reproduced under the terms of the Churches Copyright Licence.

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