(A gentle, but prophetic song for Advent)

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Lyrics (unknown authors)

Take comfort, my people, take comfort in me;
remember my love is so strong.
Speak to Jerusalem tenderly,
tell them I've pardoned their wrong.

All flesh is as grass; it's beauty will pass,
as in the fields the flowers do.
The grasses grow pale and the flowers fail;
frail as the flowers are you.

A voice in the desert cries make straight the way,
the hill road must look like a plain.
The Lord will come on his chosen day,
We die, but his word must remain.

All flesh is as grass ....

A shepherd the Lord is and we are his sheep;
he leads us his flock to be fed.
Weak lambs are picked up when the ground is steep;
Ewes heavy with lamb gently led.

All flesh is as grass ....

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