John Hartley & Michael Lehr, based on Acts 10: 34-44)

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This may look like (but is not really) a creed paraphrase, although it’s remarkably similar. In fact it’s based on Peter’s declaration to Cornelius in Acts 10.

My good friend, John Hartley, produced the lyrics with initial music which may be seen on John’s site by clicking here, but I worked with him to produce this alternative musical approach. What may be interesting is that both versions are in different versions of 7/4 time. We quite like both.

You’ll find an MP3 recording here .

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Words (by John Hartley)

We believe in God the Father,
who never sides with any race,
but accepts from ev'ry nation
all those who fear and seek his face
We believe he sent his message
to all his people Israel,
telling them good news of Jesus,
who is God and Lord of all.

We believe in Christ our Saviour,
on whom God's Spirit came to rest
for a ministry of goodness,
and healing those who were oppressed.
We believe he was the victim
of crucifixion on a tree,
but God gave him resurrection
from the grave, and set him free.

We believe Christ's resurrection
was seen by witnesses God chose:
then they ate and drank with Jesus,
and so we're certain that he rose.
We believe that God appointed
this Jesus Christ as judge from heav'n.
Holy Scripture now exhorts us
to believe and be forgiv'n.

We believe the Holy Spirit
who came with power on God's Son,
also comes to those who trust him,
and fills believers, every one.
We believe that God commanded
his people, here and ev'rywhere:
they must preach and tell all nations
of this Christ whom they can share.

We must preach and tell all nations
of this Christ whom we can share.

Words John Hartley 2007

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