A vigorous new hymn by Paul Lepine
(based on Peter's words in Matthew 16:16 and John 6:68)

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Words (by Paul Lepine)

You are the Christ, Son of the living God,
Light of the world, Saviour and Living Word.
To whom could we go? Only You have words of life.
You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.

Declared by the Father at Your baptism;
by miracles multipled;
rising up to quell death:
these all testified, that

You are the Christ ....

We've been redeemed by your loving-kindness,
freed from the grip of sin;
fed with Bread from Heaven,
filled by the Stream within, for

You are the Christ ....

We'll make disciples of ev'ry nation,
boldly declare Your name;
ev'ry knee shall bow, and
ev'ry tongue proclaim, that

You are the Christ ....

1997 Paul D Lepine. Used by permission.

Paul can be contacted at

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