Maunsell Sea Forts

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As a small boy I was often taken to the small seaside town of Herne Bay in Kent. The beach was mainly shingle, and not very good for building sand castles, so I frequently used to look into the sea to spy passing pirate ships or maybe killer sharks. On the horizon were a series of, what looked to me, like giant metal monsters about to invade the coast line and destroy everything in their path. These assemblies fascinated me. As I grew older I discovered these metal monsters were in fact gun turrets used to defend the estuary against enemy air or naval attack. After completing some research into these I managed to get a trip out to see them at close hand. This part of my web site details what  I discovered...

Please use the navigation bar to find out more about the forts, their designer and their history.

Much of this information has come from 
Frank Turner, who has spent a good deal of time on researching these fortifications. 

For details of Mr Turner, please visit my links page.

Another good source of information about the structures is Herne Bay library.

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