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 What is Movildat ?

Imagine if there was a product available which would allow you to keep in constant touch with your key staff whilst they are travelling the country, the continent or even the world.  Imagine if that product could even keep you informed of their current location, not just which country, not just which town or city but which street.  Imagine too if that product could also keep you informed of their previous whereabouts all displayed on a clearly defined map on your office PC.

Imagine if you had staff out on the road who needed to take payment for goods or services and not have to phone into the office or to a credit bureau and yet the transaction would be instantly recorded in your local database.

Imagine being able to send a valuable load on a journey over land or sea and get immediately notified of any deviations to the route or of any tampering of the load container.

There is no need to imagine ... Movildat IS that product, below are just a few of the many usages of the Movildat system.

Using Value Added Services through GSM network, TRUNKING, PMR, and SATELLITE.

Trackmaster 2
Ticket master
Print master
Mobile Data Transmission is the fruit of the technical evolution, which combines two technologies closely related and more and more integrated: mobile telecommunications and information technology. The structural evolution of the economic balance, on the threshold of the year 2000 and the progress made in the technological field, so much as in the technical standards in radio communication, as in information technology and multimedia, have directed Movildat to make a long term strategy.

"To convince and develop data transmission products and radio communication innovations, of great diffusion and quality, to respond to the real necessities of the customer."

Movildat offers solutions for the future, based on a standard network (GSM,SATELLITE...) and GPS already available on an international level.

Taking into account our experience, we design and develop the products of tomorrow for new markets.

Movildat is a company exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialisation of systems with value added services in mobile communications for large companies both state and private.

Our design and installation engineers of hardware and software applications, give a service, especially adapted to our clients based on the great experience in technology of applied information for the improvement and better use of mobile resources.

 Fleet Management System
Movildat makes available to customers a complete personalised solution in the area of fleet management. The characteristics of the fleet management solution are:
  • Using the communications network which best adapts to the special needs of the customer and of the service one wishes to set up.

TRUNKING with regional cover.
GSM with European cover.
SATELLITE with world-wide cover.

  • Personalised solutions for each area of the user:
    • Transport and distribution of goods.
    • Cranes.
    • Emergencies: police, fire brigade, health problems.
    • Transport of passengers: coaches, taxis etc.
    • Ships: fishing or pleasure.
    • Trains, carriages and containers.
  • Mobile equipment, totally modular (control unit, GPS, communications module and various peripheries such as mouse, keyboard etc.) prepared for the distinctive means of communication: GSM, TRUNKING, SATELLITE etc.
  • Centre of control with PC type architecture around Windows with cartography integration of any type and combinable with any type of management application.
  • GPS System:
    • 1-5m precision with distinguishing correction system.
    • Reliable, continual operation and world-wide cover.
    • The most precise information of position without any cost for the client.
    • Functioning in all atmospheric conditions.
    • Unaffected by electromagnetic interference.
    • Good reception of signals in urban areas.
  • Fleet Management
    • Definition of vehicles and fleets.
    • Presentation and visualisation in windows and maps.
    • Recording of information of routes of vehicles.
    • Analysis of routes and generation of reports, with stopping times, undue manipulations (opening of doors etc.)
    • Pre-set journeys.
    • Predetermined timetable.
    • Prohibited areas.
    • Sending of an alarm to the control centre, in the moment objectives previously set are not fulfilled.
    • Elaboration of statistics and reports that help improve the management of the fleet.

As with Movildat SA our company policy is:

"The Conception, development and marketing of data transmission products and innovative radio communications equipment of quality and to offer our clients a first class service at an affordable price."

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