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  • Lara Croft (science embassador of great britain) Presents: (23/12/98)
Lara Croft SPEAKS!Hello there fans! Hi, I'm everyones faveorite pixilated woman, Lara Croft, and I'm here to tell you about....


What? So I don't know anything about science? I did a good digital-GCSE I did! I got an, erm, F. And anyhow, I'm not real. No one cares for non-real things these days. Look at Sonic the Hedgehog, they've only just brought him back to life. He was trapped in a world of hell for how many years? How long can the games companies do this to us? I don't need a new adventure once a year, I need it every month! Don't you see? Us computer generated types need life! We need sequels! WE NEED BREAST ENLARGEMENTS! Give me it or I'll strip infront of some nine year olds (This week in Page670, there's SuperNews49, "Great Assumptions of Out time" and Not Enough for Xmasto be getting on with. Enjoy)

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22/12/98 Communicate

  • PA dosn't say much at times like these.... (19/9/98)
"Now, the end is clear. And so I face, the final curtain,

My friends, I saw it clear, erm, ahem." I'll save it until next week. When it really does go. Oh yes.

It's nearly the end of page670 as you know it. Until then though, I still have to update this thing. Wow wow wow. Oh, funny. Ha aha. Fart. ("Is that is enough?" - PA) ("It's better than nothing. Nothing being the writers of Babes In The Wood" - Ed) ("Oh." - PA). Read this. The Daily Lowline #6, SuperNews49 and the final truth on alt.digitiser. Ha ha ha, fart. ("Any more?" - PA) ("Can you do any South Park impressions?" - Ed) ("Yep" - PA) Cartoons Kick Ass! Bastards killed Kenny!

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