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An Open Letter to Digitiser & Teletext

Hello reader, over the past couple of months, Bunderman (who has been writing for Online since it started) has been writing for Panel 4, on page 171, once a month, at the weekend. General opinion (from fans and writers, Stuart Campbell included) suggests that Bunderman should leave digitiser. I'll give you 2 reasons for this.

1: His knowledge of the subject is poor: It's all very well being able to use a search engine to find games sites, but actully commenting on them is anouther matter. You could compare his comments to those of the "computer boy" on Live & Kicking.

2: He is tedious to read: Maybe as a result of his lack of knowledge, his actuall writing seems insulting to many a readers intelligence. (E.g Hello Viewers!).

I respect that his work on Online (including co.uk) is very good. But general web site comments are one thing and gaming is anouther. He should of never started work on the section, really. He should concentrate on his own magazine.

I'm not alone in this thinking. One man (name below), wrote me an email to forward to digitiser.....

Matthew Garrett:

"Dear Sir,

I have been a loyal viewer of your Digitiser service for much of the past 5 years. In general, the standard of writing and opinion on these pages is amongst the highest of any other items on Teletext. However, I have found the recent introduction of a monthly column by Leslie Bunder ("Bunderman") to be a severe disappointment.

Relative to the standard of writing that I have become accustomed to on Digitiser, Mr. Bunder's articles come as a rude awakening. I would like to point out that this is in no way meant as an attack on Mr. Bunder himself. In general, the quality of .co.uk is high. However, in the field of computer gaming, it would appear that he is out of his depth. Many of his recent articles appear to have been rehashes of previous ones, containing few new ideas and possibly fewer items of interest.

Since Digitiser is held in high regard amongst the computer games industry, it seems a pity for its reputation to suffer as a result of this. Although I realise that budget restrictions have made this move necessary in the first place, I feel that other options are available. For example, the concept of the "Reader Review" could be taken further with the introduction of a "Reader Opinion" section, run once every month. From the content of many of the letters which appear on Digitiser page 174 every day, it is obvious that many of its readers are highly literate and capable of expressing their opinions in a coherant fashion. A move such as this could also open the doors for many people to enter the computer games industry. I hope that these comments will be taken as constructive criticism rather than just criticism.


The point that we're trying to make is that Bunderman does not seem right on digitiser. Being on there could be hurting his reputation as well as digi's. Surely you could, as Matthew has suggested, have a readers opinion colomn once a month, or find someone else. We await your final decision.

Yours, David Deans (Alais PAndroid)

By PAndroid. Comments here please.

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