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Well howdy pard, thanks for dropping by. Why not slip off yer shoes and sit a spell while I tell y'all what this is about. is a new, free, song site.


Multiple Categories!

Each and every song is available for a huge number of different names. And they're all free to download or email to your friends and family.

Song categories cover birthdays, christmas, love, hate, saying sorry, rudeness and downright abuse, to name but a few.


Forever Growing!

Yeh, it's a bit like those mugs and key rings and pens and stuff that we all buy for friends and family when we're on vacation, but these are songs and they're free to download.

The catalog grows daily and if you can't find the name you want or the type of song then let us know and we'll get back to you when the song is available.


Big Downloads...not!

And it's not just names! We have songs that refer to your dad, your mum, your dog, your best friend, signs of the zodiac, festive occasions, your boss...the list goes on and on. And did we mention that they're free!

All the songs are MP3 encoded and most are less than 1Mb. All you do is pick the song you want and then either download it and send it to the person of your choice, or email them directly from the web site...easy...and!

Now the bad news, we ain't up and running just yet, so please bookmark us and check back here often or send us an email (no subject or body needed) and we'll let you know when things are rockin' and rollin'.

See you soon.