Welcome to my website

This new design for my homepage is really for me to get to grips with Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ). My old page was coded using HTML tags an was quite a few years old. In fact, I took the original down in 2005 and replaced it with a classic "Under Construction" page.

So I thought it was about time to update the page and started looking at the latest thinking for webpages. That's when I came across all the hype about CSS and decided that I needed to try and get to grips with it. Along the way, I have come across a few sites that have been outstanding in helping me get my head around CSS. One of the better pages is CSS-Tricks by Chris Coyier.

The approach to CSS presented by Chris takes the form of several webcasts that demonstrate the basics as well as more advanced topics. However, it goes beyond that, with a series of webcasts showing how to create a page mockup in Adobe Photoshop and then goes on to demonstrate how to turn the mockup into a web page.

Another essential was ideas for the mockup. A mockup of this page design was found on Photoshopstar. It was fairly simple ( well, to an amateur like me ) and looks quite nice too ( well, that's my opinion anyway ).

Finally, the header pic was obtained from Stock.xchng - a stock site for a vast collection of photos.