This section contains drugs and supplements that are taken by bodybuilders to enhance muscle growth.NO STEROIDS are contained in this section due to the large amount of information required.A comprehensive steroid section will be created soon.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)


DHEA is the latest so called 'wonder supplement' for us to be tempted by. Up until recently DHEA used to be a prescription only drug, but now the FDA has de-classified it as a dietry supplement.

DHEA is a hormone which is produced by the adrenal gland. The body can convert this hormone into other types of hormone, such as testosreone, corticosterone etc, on demand. In the past it has been used as an anti-aging drug. In medical tests it has been shown to increase lifespan in lab rats, protection against viral infections and incresed memory functions. Also tests carried out on humans show significant reductions in body fat, and increased muscle tissue.

Manufactures claim a 31% reduction in bodyfat, and 20% increase in muscle tissue over a 28 day period. They also say that it increases testosterone levels by 4.7 times, increases sex drive, non-toxic and totaly safe to use.

Not a lot of feedback from other bodybuilders to verify these claims. I will be testing DHEA shortly to see what it's like. If it's a con then you'll be the first to know, also I'll be posting it around the newsgroups.


Creatine is one of the very few supplements that actually work, used by top athletes as well as bodybuilders.

Creatine will increase your overall strength by between 5% - 10%, enabling larger weights to be used. Your body naturally produces creatine which is used as fuel by muscle tissue. The anabolic steroid 'Anavar' increases your bodes capability to produce more creatine. Using Creatine you should 'preload' by taking 5g ( 1 teaspoon ), twice a day for the first three days ( 30g in total ). Then 5g per day, 1 hour before training. To get the best results, it should be mixed in HOT WATER, not cold.

Overall this product is Excellent

GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate)


This stuff is evil, producing some bizarre side effects for the first time user. Used correctly it's totally safe, although it has to be said that no real medical studies have been carried out to prove otherwise.

GHB is a GH releaser which stimulates your body to produce more natural growth hormone. It enhances sleep,( in fact knocks you completely out within 20 minutes ), and also mobilizes fat deposits.

GHB is illegal in America and has recently become illegal in the UK too, although still easy to get hold of. 100g is about twice as expensive as Creatine, but lasts about 2 months.

5g ( 1 teaspoon ) should be taken just before bed with a fizzy drink. Take it every- other night, but make sure you haven't had any alcohol within the last 24 Hrs. If its the first time only take half that because the side effects will scare the shit out of you.

The room will start to spin and you will get a massive erection,( men only,women shouldn't take this supplement anyway). This side effect may be desirable, in fact sex shops sell it purely for this reason. Shortly after you will fall asleep.

Again overall this product is Excellent

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)


If you can't get hold of GHB, then this supplement is the next best thing. It isn't illegal and is as easy to get hold of as Creatine.

Again it is a GH releaser and is very effective at removing fat. Using GABBA I personally have found that it does nothing growth wise but is extremely effective at removing fat, so much so that I use it exclusively for that purpose.

Side effects are minimal, increased hart rate and a prickly sensation on your face and back of neck. The increased hart rate is a little worrying at first but completely safe. If you have a heart condition then defiantly dont use either GABA or GHB.

Very Effective product


Vanadyl sulphate is supposed to give you an increased pump while training, although I haven't noticed any difference at all. This supplement is extremely cheap to buy so may be worth trying anyway.

To be taken 30-40 mg 1 hour before training. 3 months on, 2 weeks off.

Not very Effective, but cheap


Ephedrine is banned in some states of the U.S and prescription only in the U.K.It increases the oxygen flow and energy levels. Also raises blood pressure and elevates heart rate.Usually take 30mg half an hour before a workout.

Some cold remedies contain Ephedrine as well as pre workout drinks, eg Ultimate Orange

A good pre-workout drink would be:25mg Ephedrine,200mg Caffeine, 15mg Aspirin,Mixed with Grapefruit

Does work, not recommended


Clenbuterol's primary use is for asthmatics, and is whats called a Beta antagonist,(opposite of Beta blocker).It increases your bodies temperature,(Thermatogen), which makes it good for fat loss.

This is generally used by bodybuilders pre contest time to eliminate excess fat deposits. Taken over a longer period, 4-6 months, it will increases Type 2 muscle fibre.(Deep thick muscle).

Slowly build up the dose over a 10 consecutive day period, then use it 2 days on, 2 days off. This drug shouldn't be taken by anybody with a heart condition.The side effects include moderate to severe shaking, hot flushes and a general anxious feeling.

Muscle gains are possible over long periods, caution required