The Backs in Cambridge-uk

Let us start at Silver Street bridge on the opposite side to the Anchor pub and find somewhere nice and quiet for a picnic if the weather is fine or, if not, walk at a brisker pace.

Looking at the river you will see Queens' College and the Mathematical Bridge. This was supposed to have been first built without any screws and nails but when it was taken down for repairs no one could rebuild it without them.

Turn to your left and walk alongside the college and follow the path to the right in to the park. You will see the new buildings of Queens' College and you can make your own judgement of the problems of new buildings in a place such as Cambridge. However do remember that when Kings College Chapel was built nearly a quarter of the town was demolished for the new college. It was never easy.

Walking along you will see that all the old colleges were built on the east side of the river and it was not until recently that the university expanded on to the west side.

Kings College soon comes into sight and you can admire the field kept for cattle and the chapel beyond.

In contrast Clare College has turned its field into beautiful gardens which are well worth a visit and you can sit down by the river.

Pass over Garrett Hostel Lane and proceed to the garden gates of Trinity which is a lovely walk. You can see the "new" buildings of St John's College across the lawns. Walk through the Trinity College and back into town.

Hopefully you have been lucky in the summer to enjoy a picnic and watch all the punts or on a colder day enjoyed a brisk walk. It is difficult to imagine tht Cambridge was once a busy port.

Hope you enjoy the tour.

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