Classic Walk Cambridge-uk

Let us start at Silver Street bridge. Go past the Anchor pub which should be on your right. Turn left into the narrow Queens' Lane and follow the lane round into King's Lane and out into King's Parade and turn left and walk past King's College entrance. Check the times of opening of the chapel and also the times of the services.

Walk on past Kings and past the Senate House (the centre of the University) and turn left down Senate House Passage. Half way down on the left you will see the The Gate of Honour of Gonville and Caius College.

At the end turn left into Trinity Lane and ahead is the entrance to King's College Chapel which is the most important building in Cambridge. Pay to go in and then admire the building and walk slowly up the chapel to the alter. Sit and admire the building and ponder whether the style of the Rubins clashes with the style of the church. Imagine attending a service or concert in such a building. Think of what was happening in your own country when this chapel was built.

Go out through the exhibition on the north side and then leave the chapel through the south door. Admire the view and go back to Trinity Lane.

Clare College is on your left. It is on a smaller scale but find time to walk round and view the chapel.

Proceed down Trinity Lane and turn left towards the river down Garrett Hostel Lane and go the top of the bridge and admire the river Cam and the punts in the summer. You will see "The Backs" of the colleges and the wonderful gardens.

Return to Trinity Lane and turn left and follow the lane which turns to the right and turn left at Trinity Street. On the left you have Trinity College and just after St John's College. St John's also has a special choir and you are welcome to attend the services.

It is time to start making your way back and as you return down Trinity Lane you will see Heffers bookshop on your left. Heffers is well worth a visit.

Proceed back down Trinity Lane and along the front of King's College.

Opposite to King's Lane is St Bene't Street. Turn left here and on the right is St Bene't's Church which is the oldest building in Cambridgeshire. Enter and admire the Saxon tower which was built in 1025. A place to pause before returning back to Silver Street.

Back at Silver Street if you have time you might try a trip on a punt which is a good way of seeing the river.

Hope you enjoy the tour.

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