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The American Cemetery is three miles west of Cambridge and reminds us of the many Americans who died in the last war. The cemetery is on land given by the University of Cambridge to America. The chapel contains a large mural of the war in Europe and the Pacific.

The Tablets of the Missing are "inscribed on a wall 427 feet long, recording the names and particulars of 5,126 Missing in Action, lost or buried at sea, or those "Unknowns" whose remains were either never found or positively identified prior to internment....The graves area contains 3,812 headstones..."

The area around Cambridge had many airfields in the war. Most of these have returned to agricultural use but there is always a pub nearby which was "home" to the base and to which the now old airmen make their pilgrimages. People from all sides of the conflict come to pay their respects. The Cambridge tour buses all call in.

For further information contact:
Cambridge American Cemetery
Cambridge, England
Tel: (44) 1954 210350
Fax: (44) 1954 211130

Grantchester is a small village just outside Cambridge whose church was immortalized by Rupert Brook:

..oh! yet
Stands the Church clock at ten to three?
And is there honey still for tea?

Grantchester is an half-hour walk from Cambridge with a lovely tea garden. The braver may wish to punt all the way. It is an easy cycle ride from the city and there are a number of well know pubs and of course the Church.

Duxford which is about fifteen kilometres south west of Cambridge is "now established as the aviation museum in Europe".

It has a very large collection most of which is under cover in very large hangers. The American Air Museum in Britain has recently opened which shows "the history of American air power and its influence on the twentieth century". A number of air shows are held each year and details on Duxford Airfield are available.

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