Longer Walk in Cambridge-uk
Follow the Classic Walk until St Ben't's Church.

Hope you enjoy the tour.

Follow the Classic Walk until St Bene't's Church. Pause for a while and if you need refreshments cross the road and enter the Eagle pub which is an old coaching inn. Go right through and in to the back bar and you will see the ceiling on which the airman used to write their names during the second World War.

Coming out of The Eagle cross the road to St Bene't's Church again and turn right and then immediately left and proceed in to Corpus Christi College and you will come out into Old court one of the best examples of a mediaeval college court in Cambridge.

Go on and come out into the front court of the college and look in to the chapel. Then out through the main gate and turn left and walk along Trumpington Street and go in to Fitzbillies and try one of it's famous Chelsea Buns.

Walking along Trumpington Street you will find Pembroke College on your left. The chapel was the first building designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Cross the road and enter Little St Mary's church which contains a memorial to a former vicar, the Reverend Godfrey Washington, great uncle of George Washington. The family coat of arms contains stars, stripes and an eagle and is thought to be the origin of the American flag.

Come back in to Trumpington Street and turn right and you will come to the Fitzwilliam Museum which has a wide ranging collection including Greek, Egyptian and Roman antiquities, armour, paintings to a name but a few.

As you come out of The Fitzwilliam notice the wide conduits (channels) on either side of the road. These formed part of the water supply system for Cambridge in 1610, bringing fresh water from springs several miles south of the city. The system was installed by Hobson who is remembered by the phrase Hobson's Choice.

Cross the road and walk along Fitzwilliam Street and turn left into Tennis Court Road. You are now walking along the side of the Downing site which contains many of the Science Faculties. At the end of the road turn right and proceed to the end of the road and cross in to Emmanuel College with its beautiful gardens.

Coming out of the college turn right towards the centre of town and, after some shops, you will see Christ's College on your right, another beautiful college set the heart of the centre but so peaceful and quiet inside.

Continue along Sidney Street and enter Sidney Sussex College and afterwards continue down to the Round Church, an interesting Norman building and one of only four such churches in the country. In recent years the congregation has grown so much that they have moved to a larger church and it is now used as a brass rubbing centre and also as a centre of Christian Heritage from which guided tours are available.

Walk on down to Magdalen Bridge, Cambridge's first bridge and the original way in to the city from the Roman road to the north. Just over the bridge is the Magdalen College founded in 1428. In the Second Court is the Pepys Library which houses the collection of books owned by Samuel Pepys including manuscript of his famous diary. It has restricted opening hours so phone the college for times.

Come back to the Round Church turn right and pass St John's College and make your way back into the centre.

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