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Roughly speaking, the web pages are divided into six sections:

  1. There’s the abstract, which is basically a full summary of the thesis.
  2. I often get asked for list of references. The web pages on the reference material are therefore in three parts.
    1. The propositions that arise from the literature on OMD.
    2. The collection of 120 sources of information on OMD that these propositions are drawn from
    3. And finally, a full list of the references from my PhD thesis. I’ve included these in the hope that it will save some poor researcher, somewhere in the future a bit of time.
  3. There’s a description of the methodology I adopted. How I decided to conduct a qualitative approach to my research and the way I conducted the fieldwork.
  4. Then there are the conclusions I arrived at. What more do we know about OMD as a result of this research? The answer comes in four parts:
    1. The contributions of the main conclusions from this research to a theoretical understanding of OMD.
    2. The results of the comparison between delegates’ understanding and the literature.
    3. A typology which presents participants' understanding of OMD.
    4. I’ve also included the descriptions, rich in detail, that participants gave to their experiences, together with a summary of the courses they attended.
  5. There’s a page for you to contact me (I’d welcome your feedback, comments or questions) on which I’ve included some ideas I have about where the field is going, with a few suggestions for future research areas.

Philip Donnison

March 2000

Introduction Abstract What is OMD? Literature Methodology Conclusions Contact Me