This Page Is Under Construction

If you were expecting something rather grand, I do apologise, but I now need to work out how to use this HTML stuff so you'll have to make do with this for now.

But, if you really must have something exciting I'll try to give you some links to various places:

Firstly, of course, as I'm sitting in front of my Risc PC, you could go to Acorn Computers

Also, here's a link to Altavista

The last place that you should go (although for now anything's better than this, right?!) is the Vinyl Tap record shop in Leeds, where I finally found my copy of Pete Brown and Piblokto!'s 'Things May Come And Things May Go But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever', although it was on CD, not on vinyl, Hmph. Btw, please don't buy the copy of Thousands On A Raft, as I want it and an building up the courage (and capital) to aquire it for the asking price of UKP80. Gulp.

If you want to Email me for any reason whatsoever, then click here

For now, I'll leave you with a photograph that I took last year.....

This is Polly in a recumbrant posture!