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This is the FAQ for If you have any comments or information please  and if you haven't done so already, do drop in and say hullo on the newsgroup

01........ Is there a charter?
03......... Bonzo related Web sites
05......... Keynsham
07........ Dada
09......... Doo Dah
11......... Bonzo the dog.
13......... The theramin leg
15.......... Where can I find Bonzo Videos and rare solo albums?
17.......... Is there a proper name for the back of the knee?
19.......... How to tune a ukulele.
20.......... What are the surviving members of the band up to these days ?

01 Q Is there a Charter?

A Yes. The CHARTER kept here for the newsgroup, was created when a.f.b-d was founded on 26th March 1998 and can be verified by fetching the entry for bonzo dog from the compressed archive of newgroup commands at

03 Q  Where can I find some Bonzos related Websites?

A Recently revealed on the newsgroup, this site is the dog's whatsits.
( takes a while to download, but worth it )

NEW Andy Roberts site dedicated to expansive career of this talented musician. is a site about Neil Innes
with lots of pictures, and the only place to buy Neil's new CD, which is coming out

This Neil Innes website, maintained by Bonnie and Laurie, includes a huge Bonzo section containing a long Bonzo article, a recent interview with and picture of the American Bonzo, lyrics, and a zillion pictures of the Bonzos. Neil_Innes

There are some links on the "where are they now" section of this FAQ

Here are some others:

The official Vivian Stanshall tribute site GingerGeezer

Dagny's Pink half of the Drainpipe :

One day , there might be some more bonzo chords  here.

Don't forget the Rutles:

And The Liverpool Scene     Roger McGough

05 Q Is there really a place called Keynsham?

A Yes:

In Association with

07 Q What is Dada ?

A dadaism is anti art. it was an art movement started in Zurich in 1917 at the Cabaret Voltaire, and was an extreme reaction to the bourgeois art the had preceeded it. The fact that the first world war was going on had a lot to do with it. it was basically designed just to piss people off. and succeded. probably the most famous dadaist is Marcel Duchamp who painted the moustache onto the Mona Lisa, and in a piece of pure dada, signed a toilet urinal with the name R. Mutt, turned it upside down and exhibited it under the title "the fountain". Dadaism was so recklessly antiestablishment it was probably the most important art movement in the whole of the twentieth century. I am talking in terms of influence and repercussions here. Certainly more so than cubism ( by Brian Edwards)

09 Q. What happened to the Doo Dah?

A I believe the Doo Dah left with Vernon Dudley Bohay Nowell. Inside the booklet that came with the original release of Gorilla, the page devoted to Vernon Dudley Bohay Nowell shows said person spouting "Doo Dah"s through a megaphone. This was part of his act when he subsequently performed with Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band. The Doo Dah became parenthetic for the Doughnut, which suggested the remaining band were in ther process of dropping that part of their name. (by aljol 1)

11 Q Who Was Bonzo the Dog?

A Postcard cartoon dog character created by George E. Studdy (1878-1948)

I found that by bunging "George Studdy Bonzo" into Yahoo it came up with quite a few sites including people seeking/selling Bonzo stuff. ( by Graeme)

13 Q Whatever happened to the theramin leg?

A It's in Roger Ruskin Spear's basement/laboratory, which still has autopsied bonzos/kinetic wardrobe gizmos (including the theremin leg) floating around. The leg, unfortunately doesn't work anymore..the theory is that either me or my elder brother, Justin, broke it when we were very young. What a bummer, seeing as Justin and I are constantly on at him now to fix it up! :- (by Tim Spear)

15 Q Where can I find Bonzo Videos and rare solo albums?

A Yes, that question is asked frequently.

Here are some more specific answers with links to CDNow Bonzo Related CDs in stock at low prices:

Which Bonzo Dog Albums are available on CD?

Are there any other related or post Bonzo CD's available, like The Rutles ?

What about those rare solo albums by ex Bonzos? or The GRIMMS?


or just have a look at CDNOW from the following button


or go straight to the Bonzo Album you want with this simple search:

Artist   Album Title   Song Title

17 Q Is there a proper name for the back of the knee?

A According to Reg Smeeton in SHARE ( Sir Henry at Rawlinson's End ) there is no proper name for the back of the knee but in fact it does have a medical term - "popliteal fossa"

Viv Stanshall got very close to the earth-shattering truth. A fact proven by the poem he once sent (I'm not making this up) to Q4music Editorial Director, Paul Du Noyer. Here it goes...

"Distinguished linguists languish In language of English ease.
In hot pot de "Chambers Revised" they gandered
And butchered in bags of "Nuttall's Standard".
But no flic with the "Shorter Ox. Dic. Of Eng."
Will find an n. sing for the back of the knees.

Poplitic, popliteal: both are adj. for the crease.
The ham remains nameless. This is rather hard cheese
- For stuff without title, it is said, cannot be -
Therefore, necks we have napes, also backbone and bottom,
But back of the knees, friends? So far - we ain't got 'em."

( Thanks to Mick C )

19 Q How should you tune a ukulele?

A 1) The tuning of the uke is GCEA if you are a long haired new-wave post modernist, and a semi-tone lower if you are "trad, baby"

2) The tuning is not the same as the first four strings on the guitar, its the same as Emaj on an open tuning with no B or Top E strings, savvy?

3) The strings are arranged with two "thin" strings on the outside (First and fourth.) and two "Thick" strings on the inside.(second and third.) This is so, amongst other things, you can play chords and follow melody or harmonise with yon spare fingers on the first and fourth strings.

( by Joseph Saunders )

Addendum: This subject is still slightly contentious. If you really want to know why not try asking all the clever ukelele players on the recently formed newsgroup

20 Q What are the surviving members of the band up to these days ?

A Rodney works with a band called Dylan Rabbit , Roger is retired, Dave Clague has a record company called DJC Records ( from whom you can order the new Bonzo Album "Anthropology" and Roger Ruskin Spear' "Electric Shocks") , Legs is working on some new projects,

Joel Druckman said:
"..i aint doing anything with computers, except maybe
using can tell the folks that i am back playing music in los
angeles...freelancing and causing lots of trouble

Neil is not showing up at Beatlefest for some reason, and Viv is just resting.

- ( Dagny )

This FAQ is maintained by Andy Roberts ( no, not that one ), ( or see my Homepage )

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