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No need to run
the gauntlet in

In the free.* hierarchy, anyone can set up a new group without having to bother with things like charters , RFDs or The Committee.

New newsgroups

All you have to do is send an email to stating that you would like a new group created and suggest a name for it. Someone on the promotions mailing list should then reply and create the group for you.

Then you just have to publicise it and get interested people to post messages and request Internet Service Providers to add the group to the selection which they provide.

Unlike uk.* , we won't make you spend months trying to satisfy three different opinions from interfering busybodies

The Reform GroupThe Reform Group, an activist group for promoting freedom on the usenet was created in 1999, and now has a flourishing sub-hierarchy of newsgroups beginning with  For further information including policies of the Reform Group visit the website and the FAQ Individuals can be distracted and worn down by the antics of the UK committee members and sycophantic "yes" men and women. The only way to stop them from consolidating their empire is for the opposition to work together too. If you can see the need to get organised then I urge you to join the Reform Group and help build it into an unstoppable force for change.

Propagation is something that has to be worked on in a non-controlled hierarchy and not all newsservers will carry all of the newsgroups straight away. Usually they will add them on request though, so have a look at the most comprehensive list we have, as linked to below, and then at least you will know which ones you want to ask for.

Mailing list
If you would like to help promote your group and also work towards improving the hierarchy as a whole then please join the free-dot-uk-promoters mailing list using the form below.

Subscribe to free-dot-uk-promotion

Links to group websites

Some group have already developed their own websites: also

Here is a comprehensive list of nearly all of the groups that have ever been created :
The list of* groups

And These are the new ones, created in the last month or so

And here are some sublists of groups carried by various ISPs

ISPs news supplier groups  available
TESCOnet, BTinternet BTInternet Around 120 groups, including these
Lineone Supernews Around 245 groups, including these
Altopia Around 324* newsgroups including these
CWCom lite, Virginnet Cable and Wireless Around 360 groups, including these
FreeUK Claranet At least 365 groups, including these
Bigwig, connectfree, freeisp etc etc telinco At least 65 groups, including these
Netcom At least 278 groups, including these
Freedombird, Mersinet, Welshnet Giganews At least 179 groups, including these
getfreeinternet CIX All the groups, 374 last count check these
Eidosnet, UKonline Easynet Around 362 groups, including these
zetnet Zetnet Only 25 groups, including these
Ezesurf , Freeserve, GreatXscape Planet Online Around 285 groups, including these
UKGateway Pipex uunet Only 3 groups, they don't refuse but it takes a lot to get one added.
Demon Internet Demon Only 2 groups are available at Demon. At present they still appear to be refusing to add groups which customers request. A free newsserver which allows posting Here is the list of the 386 which can be accessed by this method

Software Home Page

WEB access: You can also read the groups via a web based interface such as Google groups or Newsone or provide a search facility for checking newsservers by group. Click here to search for groups

More Free ISPs in the UK and details of freecall 0800 schemes can be found at Net4nowt and 12free

Disclaimer: The author tries to ensure that the information on this page is true and reasonably up to date, but cannot be responsible for any errors or innacuaries. If you find any discrepancies between this data and the real situation with the ISPs, or you have further information not included here then please write in to




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