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On On You Bastards!! - Semenstains

The Creek Hash House Harriers runs at various locations in Dubai, Sharjah, and Jebel Ali. They have now done over 1300 runs. Visitors and guests are more than welcome. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it is a male-only hash, so if the lasses want to go along, be prepared to "get your tit's out for the lads". Exceptions to this occur on special runs, and family camping weekends. The run used to cost 50 dirhams (approx 8.00 Sterling), which include beer (and soft drinks) for the night, BBQ (bring your own food, unless it is a special run), T-Shirt (only on some special runs), and lots of fun. I don't live in Dubai anymore, so the price may have gone up (inflation linked to world wide beer-related prices!)

The evening starts off with a quick chat before the serious business of running (or walking depending on your level of fitness). The run is over various terrain, but most often hard and soft sand. It lasts for about an hour, with the normal false trails (depicted by a circle with a cross in), and checkpoints (depicted by a circle with two dots in).

Once you get back, it's time for a beer (or a soft drink if you are a wimp) and another chat before the circle starts. In the circle, jokes and dits are told, and everyone has a laugh and a few down-downs whilst happily drinking the night away. 

If you aren't a regular (or if you are, but forget to pick up a map last week), to find out where the creek are running this week go to the Creeks Next Weeks Run Page.

If you've never been on the Creek before, you may want to learn some of the Creek Hash Songs (in particular the one for Down Downs) or you may end up getting acquainted with Mr. Funnel! :-)

There's also another Creek Website with lots of photos and information which can be found at .  There is a password system for access to all the creek stuff, but just email webshite and ask nicely and he will probably give you the login name and password. 


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