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As a student, I often wanted an extra bit of Beer Money, but without having to spend time away from having fun (eg - without working too hard or getting a job).  The lists below shows a few of the things I did that helped out a bit.  All are fun, and all can be done in your spare time.  What's more is that they are all FREE to join - so if you don't like them once you have tried them, you can just unsubscribe from them. 

Earn Money


Ipsos Surveys.  Register for Free at this site and they will send you regular surveys to complete.  Each survey you complete earns you Points, and these can be swapped for Prizes.  The prizes come in the form of vouchers for places like Argos and Amazon.  These vouchers can be used straight off (eg, it is not a "Spend X and you can use this voucher" thing). 

I am currently signed up for Ipsos Surveys, and get a sensible amount of emails/surveys per week.  You don't have to spend ages before you get some 5 or 10 vouchers.

Ciao.  Ciao is a consumer review and comparison site, but they also do paid surveys.  I am signed up to this site, and regularly get invited to do surveys for between 10p and 2.00 (mostly around 50p though).  You have to go through a few screening questions before each survey to see if you qualify as their target audience though.  You can also earn cash from writing your own consumer reviews.  It is free to join the Ciao Network.

I currently earn about 10 every 3-4 months with Ciao.  And their consumer reviews are useful too.

Paid On Results 

Paid On Results.  If you have a website that has a fair amount of traffic and have ever wondered how you can earn money from it, then this website is great.  It provides "merchants banenrs" for you to put on your site.  Then whenever a visitor registers or spends money on that merchants site by clicking on your banner, you earn a commision.

Paid On Results is an easy to use website, and it is Free to register.


Get Free Stuff

Free Fivers, Click here! Free Fivers.  Sign up to this site for Free and they give you 5.  Then, whenever you want to shop online, see if your store is on their list.  If it is, and you go through their portal (website) to reach it, you get a percentage cashback on your purchase.  The list of stores is extensive, lists some main stream names, and also competitively priced stores.  You may even find new websites that sell what you want cheaper than your normal store.
Free DVD Club - Click here! Free DVD Club.  Sign up to this Free DVD Club, and they will send you a free DVD of a latest blockbuster of your choice.  Based on your profile, they will suggest further free DVD's or offers for you.
<Link Coming Soon> Free UK Stuff.  This website lists loads of freebies.  They range from CD's to Jellybeans, and Mouse Mats to Supermarket Coupons. It is free to sign up to this site, and I've had many a fun thing for free!
Free Glowsticks Like Clubbing?  Are you going out on a dark night?  Or do you have kids that just want to play?  Get your FREE Glowsticks from Glowbay.  (Not to be confused with eBay!)
<Link Coming Soon> Free UK Competitions.  Most "legitimate" competitions (e.g. not scams) should be free to enter in the UK.  This website just lists them all in one place.  I've used free competition website before, and have actually won stuff - including a fully signed Plymouth Argyle football (I could have chosen any team, but i support "The Greens"!).  Someone has to win - why can't it be you?

As an extra tip - if you do online competitions regularly - use a secondary email account (or a hotmail account).  This stops your main email inbox from becoming full of newsletters and competition confirmation emails.


For great online shopping links and deals, check out - you never know, you may just be able to pick out a bargain.


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