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The new 56K drivers have just been released and are now available on the drivers download page. Quite a few people have requested information on how to install their HSP modem correctly so I have included all the details here.

Having just set up two PC's on behalf of Anglian Internet with the Micom HSP modem on Cyrix based machines I thought this page might be of some use to web users who have just purchased a similar modem which uses the PC's chip to emulate the modem. Unfortunately this does slow your PC down quite a lot and in my opinion if you have several applications loaded it would probably be quicker to surf the net with a standard 14.4kbs modem. But if you have just bought this modem I 've got the drivers for the Cyrix based PC available for download on this page. I think it's better to run this modem with W95 Dial up networking as it did cause problems with Trumpet Winsock. 
You may find these modems available at the many Computer fairs throughout the UK, but before you purchase one make sure your CPU is powerful enough to work with one of these modems if not you may be disappointed.  

Minimum System Requirements Intel Pentium Based Computer 
In order to run their modem and still have good multitasking performance, you should have a 75 MHz CPU, with 256K of cache and 8 MB RAM 

Pentium Class CPUs from other manufacturers 
Due to differences between the processors, you should have a P150+ or better, with 256K cache and 8 MB RAM. Be sure to use the NEW NS version of the drivers due to the fact that Cyrix chips have a poor floating point processing power which is needed by this modem. 
If you are experiencing problems downloading the drivers please read this 
486 Class Processors 
486 processors do not have the strength in math or raw horsepower of the Pentium, and cannot reach speeds of 28.8. The Pentium makes HSP possible. 

 DOS Box under Windows 95 
They support most DOS based programs in this mode, including many games like DOOM and Descent. They will continue to improve their support for DOS programs running inside of Windows. 

 MS-DOS Mode or Native DOS 
They currently have no plans to run on this operating system. They need a more powerful OS for their drivers to multitask with other software.

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