Memoirs of the
                  of  1745

By the Chevalier de Johnstone

JAMES JOHNSTONE was a protagonist in one of the most tragic episodes of British history, the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-46.
Serving under "Bonnie Prince Charlie" himself, Johnstone was in the ideal position to record the events of the "Year of the Prince" being bowled over by the sense of excitement and history in the making when he joined the
Jacobite army in Perth,  but by the end being disillusioned with the young Prince and his cause.
This book vividly describes the tragic story, from the arrival of the Prince and the raising of the Royal Standard at Glenfinnan, to the highs of victory at Preston Pans and the march south to the lows of the retreat back to Scotland and the eventual horrific slaughter at Culloden.
Long used as an accurate contemporary source by leading academics and authors, Johnstone's memoirs are a very readable, contemporary account for everyone interested in Scottish history.
Johnstone later served the French in Canada, and wrote an account of the campaign of 1760 which is included as an appendix to the main text.

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Title: Memoirs of the
Rebellion of 1745
Author: James Johnstone
Format: Paperback
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Published: Summer 99
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