Here are the answers  --  I hope you didn't disgrace yourself!

1 What is the name of Edinburgh Castle's famous, Flanders-built cannon?

Mons Meg   

2 In which Scottish town was Carnegie born?


3 Which Scottish football club is nicknamed "the honest men"?

Ayr United

4 Who did Robert the Bruce kill in Greyfriars Kirk, Dumfries, in 1305?

The Red Comyn

5 Which Scot won the Olympic Gold medal for the 100 metres in Moscow 1980?

Alan Wells

6 Which is Scotland's oldest university?

St Andrews, founded in 1411

7 Everyioone knows about Nessie, but what is the name of the monster in Loch Morar?


8 How many goals did Scotland score in the last World Cup finals?

2 (3 if you include Boyd's own goal against Brazil)

9 What is a willie-waught?

A "hearty swig" of a drink

10 Who was Scotland's Patron Saint before St Andrew?


11 Which Scot  founded the Bank of England?

William Paterson

12 Which former lead singer of Runrig is now a prospective candidate for the Scottish Parliament?

Donnie Munro

13 In which year was the "Stone of Destiny" stolen and taken to England?


14 Which clan's crest features a nail piercing a human heart?


15 In which year was the battle of Carbisdale?


16 In mountaineering, what is a Munro?

A hill 3000ft or more high 

17 On which fictional island was the film "The Wicker Man" set?


18 What was the name of Greyfriar's Bobby's master?

John Grey

19 In which year did Bonnie Prince Charlie die?


20 What is Scotland's name in Gaelic?