Oxford Quiz

The answers to all these questons can be found in the One Stop Guide to Oxford, or by clicking the answer button at the end of the quiz. Good Luck!

Who destroyed Oxford in 1009?

2 Who painted A Hunt in the Forest, exhibited in the Ashmolean Museum?

3 At which College did cellist Jacqueline Du Pre study?

4 Who designed Blenheim Palace?

5 When were the famous Swindlestock Riots?

6 When is St Giles Fair held?

What is the oldest building in Oxford?

8 Where in Oxford would you find Cardinal Wolsey's hat?

9 Which college did Cecil Rhodes attend?

10 Which future king of England was born in Beaumont Palace?

11 What was the Apollo Theatre originally called?

12 What are Oxford's four twin towns?

13 What title did William Morris, founder of Morris Motors, take when he became a Lord?

14 Which college incorporates former buildings of the Oxford Canal Company?

15 Which college used to be called "Botany Bay" because of its remoteness from other colleges?

16 What is the name of Oxford United's current stadium?

17 Which College did Margaret Thatcher attend?

18 What is the name of the Lebanese takewaway in Summertown?

19 What was the name of the old Headington cinema which had a set of can can legs sticking out the front

20 What building stands at No.1 Banbury Road?

How did you do?