Where is it?

map Well, now you know where Hungary is
you might start thinking of going there (the wines are much better on the spot, and cost less, than what gets exported!)

If you do visit the country, bear in mind that Hungarians are far more conscious of their country's history than Britons tend to be of their's, and they do appreciate some familiarity with it in visiting foreigners (well, yes, once there you will have to get used to being a foreigner).

But even if you do not go there, you might find that much that otherwise appears incomprehensible and arbitrary in the present-day politics of the region starts making sense when seen against the background of the history of Hungary, and the surrounding areas, during the last eleven centuries. To quote from a work that deals with recent events and developments:*

"There is also the question of the relevant past. For the most recent is by no means always the most relevant past. Indeed, the history of Europe before 1939, before 1914, even before 1890, may provide more analogies and clues for understanding Europe after 1990 than does the immediately preceding period."

* Thimothy Garten-Ash: In Europe's Name - Germany and the Divided Continent (London, Jonathan Cape, 1993)

So, carry on and browse through a Brief History of Hungary now!

Then look at

Yes, these come up in English, but there are many chances to switch to Hungarian (and a few of the pages they link towards are Hungarian only).

If some of your forebears came from Hungary and you would like to check out your roots, the best starting point is

To prepare for your visit in the flesh, start getting a handle on the language by consulting the Then check out practicalities - and other visitors' comments - in

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