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Mac and Myself on leave in the Rockies.

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Mac and I rented a small log cabin near Banff, Alberta in the Rockies. From there we rented horses and went trekking, finding the saddles a bit 'arm chairish' after saddles in Europe. We also rented a couple of canoes on the lakes in the area. The bear pictures show Mac with a young bear. He then took the camera and took one of me. The other one is of a larger bear. I cannot remember how I got away, but we must both have been stark raving mad.

Lake Louise Icon

Lake Louise

Canoe scenery

Canoe & scenery








me in canoe

Vermilon lakes sign

Me in canoe







Top of the mountain

Up the mountain

Bear & me

Cutting logs

cutting logs






Horse by lake

Horse riding in the mountains




At the highest point of the road between Calgary and Vancouver there is a huge log raised high above the road by vast trestles on either side. A sign on it says "Great Divide". Just below it is a little dry streambed dividing into two streams. One flows into the Pacific and the other into the Atlantic. I generously donated the contents of my bladder into this point, knowing that when the next snows melted, my generous gift would be divided between the two mighty oceans!

While we were on that leave we met an old chap - must have been at least forty - who offered to take us to Vancouver and back the next day. We accepted gladly. As we approached Kicking Horse Pass we were on a long, steep slope and our driver was in considerable trouble. "I have lost my brakes and can't stop". He drove into the great rock wall on the right hand side of the road. We came to a stop about twenty feet before the rock ended.

Somehow, the half shaft had pulled out, breaking the brake cables, even the hand brake cable was wound around and snapped. We looked ahead, the road continued down for another quarter of a mile and then took a hairpin bend to the right. We were all a bit shaken when it sank in.

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