The availability of the latest forecast on the Internet
cannot be guaranteed.

Always check the issued date/time group
Your safety may depend on getting the latest forecast
The Shipping Forecast is issued at approximately
0500, 1130, 1730 and 2330 UK Clock time
and usually available within an hour of these times.

If the text is not up-to-date it is possible that you are accessing a text in the cache of your machine. Preferably your browser preferences should be set so that you always access the product from the source and not from cache.
If you are not sure after downloading
then click the REFRESH or RELOAD button
and the browser will then download the latest version from the source.

Shipping Forecast (pure text version via the free NAVIMAIL link)

Shipping Forecast (pure text version via NOAA )

Shipping forecast and latest gale warnings via the Met Office Web site