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Organist now returned from Lathallan, Aberdeenshire
Lathallan School Website

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Making Contact Saint John's

The Vicar

The Rev'd Terence Challis retired on 31st October 2002 because of ill health.
He had been priest-in-charge since 25th July 1999
The benefice was then vacant, and closed December 18th 2005.
(During interregna, the area dean is priest-in-charge.)

To arrange baptisms, weddings &c., please contact the parish through the Churchwardens.
(See below)


The Sunday Eucharist continued again to be celebrated at 11.00, but there was still no 08.00 celebration.
There also continued to be only one Weekday Mass,
which from November 2002 was on Thursdays at 19.00
till the final celebration on 8th September 2005.

For details of School services, see S. John's School website.

Visit S.John's School Website

Other Leigh Clergy

Fr. Robert Buckley (Area Dean)Tel. 01942-883359
Fr. Jonathan Carmyllie (S. Stephen's)Tel. 01942-883313
Fr. Kevin Crinks (S. Mary's)Tel. 01942-882883
Fr. Terence Hargreaves-Stead now retired(was S. Paul's) Tel. 01942-859929
Fr. Stephen Pollard (S. Peter's & S. Paul's) Tel. 01942-673626
Fr. Don Vickers (S. Peter's & S. Paul's NSM)Tel. 01942-815193
Fr. Robert Dixon (S. Thomas' w. All Saints)Tel. 01942-673519
Fr. Tony Butterworth (Christ Church)Tel. 01942-609987
Canon Alan Gawith (Retired)Tel. 01942-676641

Visit S.Thomas' Website

For further details, see the Diocesan Year Book - there is a copy in Leigh Library "Quick Reference" section (283.4293)

Churchwardens and PCC

The PCC is now disbanded:

Please contact S. Paul's, Westleigh; S. Mary's, Leigh; or S. Thomas' Bedford - to which parishes the congregation has moved.

Telephone calls to S. John's Vicarage are no longer transferred -
01942-672868 & 07905-201609 are now disconnected.
For SMS messages to the former Organist, Treasurer &c., use 07941-400657.
For general enquiries, you can ring John Green (on 07867-777834 and as above)

Manchester Diocese

Bishop of Manchester Nigel McCulloch Tel. 0161-792 2096
Bishop of Beverley Martyn Jarrett Tel. 0113-265 4281
Bishop of Beverley retd. John Gaisford Tel. 01565-633531
Bishop of Bolton Christopher Edmundson Tel. 01204-882955
  e-mail: bishopchris@manchester.anglican.org
Archdeacon of Bolton  The Ven. David Bailey Tel. 0161-761 6117
  e-mail: archbolton@manchester.anglican.org
MDB Finance  Tel. 0161-833 9521
  e-mail: ManchesterDBF@manchester.anglican.org
MDB Education  Tel. 0161-834 1022
Diocesan Registry  Tel. 0161-834 7545
Diocesan Communications Office  Tel. 01204-699301
  e-mail: dco.manchester@btinternet.com

Websites of Other Parishes in the Diocese
The diocesan website is undergoing further change, for the official web page try:


Saint John's is the smallest of the 6 Parishes Churches of Leigh

Three Photos of S. John's Church

PCC Meeting - January 13th 1999

There was a meeting of the PCC on January 13th, S. Kentigern's day, to discuss Resolutions A and B under the Priests (Ordination of Women) Measure 1995.

For a brief report, click here:
PCC January 13th 1999

For more information on Forward-in-Faith, click here:


This website was set up to facilitate sending files of the weekly news sheet etc. to be printed. You are welcome to inspect any of these files.

They are in "RTF" format, most of them compressed using "winrar". To expand them, you will need the same program which can be obtained from:

   <http://users.quista.net/jag/files/winrar.exe> (for win3.x)

Click here to get an index of files available:
Index of Files

Sorry, Line One no longer allows directories to be downloaded.
Because of difficulty uploading, for latest files, try also:
   <http://www.episc.org.uk/pub/ >

The 2005 Annual Report and Accounts are now vailable for downloading.
The Annual Reports 2000 to 2003 are still available for downloading.

The Annual Report 2004 was not uploaded. Sorry, please ask if you need it!
Note: Financial Reports require MS Works

  <report2000.zip>   or   <report2000.rtf>   and   <FinancialReport1999.zip>
  <report2001.zip>   or   <report2001.rar>   and   <FinancialReport2000.zip>
  <report2002.rtf>   or   <report2002.zip>   or   <report2002.rar>   and   <FinancialReport2001.zip>
<report2003.rtf>   or   <report2003.zip>   or   <report2003.rar>   and   <FinancialReport2002.zip>
2005 Report (exe)   and   <2004 Accounts (exe)
2005 Report is also available as lzh, zip and rar, check <http://episc.org.uk/pub/>

Other than Financial Reports, compressed files are of rtf files.

Lectionary Readings and Readers


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