Instructions for using
Trumpet Winsock for Win3.xx
"Internet Only" Connexions.

Create a subdirectory in your Zetnet directory, G:\zetnet\trumpet is what I use. Unzip them into this directory.


Use the tcpman.exe and tcpsock.dll herewith. This version of tcpman.exe is identical to the ususl one, except it looks for tcpsock.dll instead of winsock.dll. This is for safety - it cannot load the wrong winsock. You can replace the tcpman.exe and winsock.dll in your \windows or \windows\system directory too, if you wish.


If you prefer to use the normal tcpman.exe, copy your tcpman.exe and winsock.dll from your \windows directory (check it's the right one! 145152 bytes - the .dll is not strictly necessary).
[You can unzip the scripts to the same directory as tcpman.exe, (which is probably \windows), if you wish, but it's easier and safer not to.]

You could also copy and use the trumpwsk.ini file from \windows directory if you don't know the settings for slip-port (ie which port your modem is on) and slip-baudrate - these are 3 and 115200 for my setup - yours will probably be the same for an internal modem. If you do so, you will lose the helpful prompts I've provided when you run setup.cmd. Alternatively and better is to read the \windows\trumpwsk.ini file with (eg) Notepad

Create Icon

When everything is copied, you can create an icon for tcpman.exe - the easiest way is to change (or copy and change) the icon "Zetnet Internet Only" -
In Program Manager, select the icon, click Properties and change command line & working directory.
You may also wish to change the icon back to zet_int.exe's

Check and Enter Settings

Now run tcpman. Check the settings: select - File / Setup :

IP address
Name Server
Domain suffix
MTU 576
Time Out 5
TCP RTO Max 60
Internal PPP X (ie "checked")
SLIP port probably 3 (internal modems) or 2 (external) - if necessary, see your original trumpwsk.ini (in \windows)
Baud rate probably 115200 - (ditto)
Hardware handshake X
Van J. Compression: may be checked if you wish (not on mine)
Status detection None (will do, or see your orig trumpwsk.ini)

Click on OK
Now select Dialer / setup.cmd
Fill in the correct numbers etc

number=08450798090   or, if you use Energis, 16208450798090
username=  <the bit before @zetnet>  -  as on Reg. Cert.  [**]
password=  [Note: this is encrypted when copied to the .ini file]
userid=  Your real name as on Reg. Cert.
modemsetup=&C1&D2&K3W2   -   probably, use what you have for Zimacs, add W2 if necessary.
$userno=1000????        - see note below
$userreg=????-???-??        - as on Reg. certificate
$w_off=         - MUST be blank, unless you have call waiting
$w_on=          - Just click "Cancel"

[**] I cannot see where this is used, ie it's redundant.

In case you don't know your user number, just look at the header of one of your e-mails / news items you have sent using Zimacs
look for line:
X-Mailer: ZIMACS Version 1.20c 1000????
( so the number is 1000???? )

Just one last thing, File / PPP Options : PAP must be unchecked, rest can be left blank.

Connecting Using the Scripts

Now Run Eudora, Opera, Netscape or whatever you require.
(Unless you have "Calypso" of "Slipbar" or "ICC" or other toolbar, you will have to Alt-Tab to change to Program Manager, then back to Tcpman.)
Back to Tcpman, Dialer / Logon
All should be well!
You should see:

Executing script g:\zetnet\trumpet\login.cmd.  Type <esc> to abort
Connecting to Zetnet.
If the connect fails I shall try again after 40 seconds.
Zetnet Services Ltd                Enquiries (01595) 696667

Unauthorized use of computing facilities prosecutable under
UK Computer Misuse Act. If you do not have permission to use
this machine, log off now.

man-007 [ttyS0]
*&Gx(&dDEazetnet login ZETppp
: HELLOName Your Name
Number 0000-000-00

Script completed
My IP address =    or similar numbers

There is a slight delay before the last line- maybe 15 seconds.
Now switch to Eudora, Opera, Netscape or whatever.

Finally, when you have finished, select Dialer / Bye

The other scripts are just quickly to reset phone number, password etc. Don't change call waiting unless you have to.

Recap Instructions

Just to recap -
Instructions are:

First run tcpman, then run Netscape &c,
switch back to tcpman, select Dialer/Login,
wait for "My IP address = ...",
switch to Netscape &c.
You can,of course, load and run other programs here as well.

To logoff, select Dialer/bye

Other scripts are more quickly to set different 'phone number (eg to switch to use Energis, Mercury, BT), new password, or turn call waiting back on.

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Last updated 25th May 1998