Swansea to Gowerton (Marina, foreshore and wooded valley)

{short description of image} Start here where the splendid new Sail Bridge crosses the River Tawe just downstream of the A483 bridge. Turn left over bridge for Marina {short description of image} Once in the Marina follow the direction shown.
{short description of image} And you should pass over this pedestrian bridge between two basins. You may need to ask for directions to the sea front {short description of image} Once you arrive on the sea front the Swansea cycle path stretches ahead around the bay as far as the arrow
{short description of image} At this point, use your imagination to visualise the ghost of an old railway bridge which betrays the origin of the cycle path - the Mumbles tramway {short description of image} Typical stretch of the cycle path with the beach adjacent to the left. Swansea University is close to this point on the path.
{short description of image} This is the point at which you must decide whether to stay on Route 4 or enjoy a diversion around the bay as far as the Mumbles {short description of image} This cycle path up through the Clyne Valley Country Park will take you, off-road, the four miles, or so, to Gowerton
{short description of image} If you do divert for some three miles at most, you will come to Mumbles Pier having passed several cafes directly on the bike path {short description of image} And just round the corner is Bracelet Bay. Then return to the Clyne Valley to get back on the Celtic Trail

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