Afan Valley (2) ( The kaleidoscope in reverse )

{short description of image} Suitably refreshed, a very short road section awaits. Cross the bridge, turn left then right if you wish to try the Glyncorrwg section {short description of image} If you do divert, this is what you will come to. Note the superb surface of the path.
{short description of image} Back on the main route down to Rhyslyn, the Afan is now below you on the left and the superb surface continues ( for a while ) {short description of image} With a bit more water in the river, it would be quicker by canoe!
{short description of image} Worth bearing in mind that sheep can and do get anywhere and can be quite unpredicable in their movements if startled. {short description of image} An opportunity to cool off ?
{short description of image} The river is a long way down at this point and this shot shows just how steep the hillside can be. {short description of image} Just the occasional pothole to beware of as the path continues to offer constantly changing vistas.
{short description of image} When this view appears, you are at the point where it is possible ( with care ) to switch sides and return to the Visitor Centre. Or carry on down to Rhyslyn as you prefer {short description of image} If you do switch, you will drop down to river level at last, before pushing your bike up the hill to the Visitor Centre for that well- deserved cuppa.

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