The Witchery Tour

 The Witchery Tour is a walking tour of the old part of Edinburgh.... with a difference.
Instead of culture and architecture the Witchery Tour covers the dark side of Edinburgh's history: death, destruction, mayhem, murder, body snatching, plague and other nice things.
We were met at the top of the Royal Mile by our tour guide Adam Lyall (Deceased). For a man dead over a century he was very talkative. Within seconds of meeting him we headed up to the castle for a bit of instruction on how to make a witch confess.
Arlene was voted as the most likely to be a witch and had the thumbscrews applied. Fortunately Adam stopped tightening before Arlene's thumb ruptured!
The Foul Clanger acting as crossing guard


Adam telling the Scouts that Scotland burned more witches than any other European Country.
A fact about which we can be justifiably proud in being a world leader!
Then it was off to the terrace to hear about the hangings in the Grassmarket. Especially about the hangings that took a long time and were extremely gruesome.
After we heard of the fifteen minute long strangulation we were told of the ghost of Agnes who was burned as a with for making someone fall of a horse and making the de'il appear to bite a woman.
Then just after we were told of the sanitation (Open the window and pour the lumpy bits out into the street) she appeared.
As soon as she appeared, all the Scouts scattered, well all except Gary who has an unusual response to a terrifying situation, he dropped to the ground.



Agnes stayed around to terrify the Scouts for a while longer

After Agnes left, the Scouts moved closer to Adam, just in case she came back. We rounded up the strays then moved on down to the Cowgate for  tales about Burke and Hare, the notorious bodysnatchers who got fed up waiting for people to die and killed them instead.
One of them turn King's Evidence and the other one was executed and then taken to be experimented upon like his victims. His skeleton is still on display in the university anatomy department.

And then, as if on cue, a skeleton appeared, he ran through a screaming crowd and, on cue, Gary dropped to the ground again.


After we had rescued Gary we headed up the hill for story about the mad monk, who appeared and searched us all for his finger !?!

Then it was off to the Merkat Cross for a nice story about being 'broken on the wheel', a method of execution which involves being strapped to a cart wheel and having every bone in your body broken one by one with an iron bar.
Then it was all over except for a trip to the chip shop.
The Scouts thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would heartily encourage anyone else to go on the tour.