One of the favourite activities is making the Pumpkin Lanterns.
We buy about three pumpkins per Patrol, give them some nice sharp knives and let them get on with it.

Some take it seriously.........

.......and others maybe not as serious
Then , the lights go out and the judging begins.
Undoubtedly, the highlight of the night is the (extremely messy) treacle scones.
The scones are specially ordered from a local baker, they are wheels about 12 inches across.
The scones are hung from the ceiling, then coated in either treacle or golden syrup, the Scouts then take it in turns running up and taking a bite from the scone

Some Scouts have the ability to take a bite without getting messy and others don't

And then after the messy scones, the Scouts can wash it all off while dooking for apples.