40th Fife Scout Troop

Outline of the program until Christmas


8th Scout Night Challenge Night
9th Mountain Biking Blairadam Forest
15th Scout Night Scout Snooker
22nd Scout Night
24th Competition Scout/Guide Quiz
29th Scout Night Going Up Ceremony
30th Hillwalking Ochils


6th Scout Night First Aid
8th Activity Witchery Tour
12th Scout Night Casualty Simulation
13th Hillwalking Ochil Hills
19th Scout Night Inter Patrol Quiz
21st Activity Snowboarding Lessons at Hillend
23rd Competition Willie Robertson
26th-28th Weekend Camp


Dates TBA White Water Rafting 
Cycle Run
5th Scout Night Sherlock
12th Scout Night Older Scouts Night followed by a midnight bowling session
14th Competition Challenge Hike
19th Scout Night Mapping
26th Scout Night Map and Compass


Dates TBA Sailing 
Time Capsule 
2nd Scout Night Emergencies
9th Scout Night Sailing Ropework
16th Scout Night Safety
20th Competition Rotary Cup
23rd -25th Weekend camp