Bad Luck Brian !

Sorry Brian !

Pictured above is Brian Wing, the popular Residents Association chairman at the Yiewsley Park Fete. He was sought out by the local Conservative party to stand for council but lost by just 40 votes. We think the best man didn't win Brian !

Request From Down Under

The park is a popular spot with locals and visitors. It is on a busy route to school in the morning, shops during the day and restaurants in the evening. Successful businesses want to retain the park. In this picture Carribean Experience drop in to lead the crowd in a carnival atmosphere.

An Inspector Calls!

The government inspector in charge of the public enquiry into developing Yiewsley Park ruled that although there was some advantage in having a larger supermarket in Yiewlsey, it should not be built on the park. Losing the green space was too great a cost.The park was bought from St. Thomas Hospital in 1926 to be used in perpetuity for the recreation of the people of Yiewsley. It consists of grassy areas, two bowling greens, tennis courts and play parks. It is the only green space left in the town centre.

Join the church and get a free baloon.(Well it worked at Sellafield)

Goodbye To Paul ! Hello to Paul

Hillingdon Council leader, Paul Harmsworth, who was also the local councillor for Yiewsley lost his seat in the local elections on May 7th. But after the winning candidate resigned he stood again and won. He had spoken in favour of the supermarket plan and had mentioned a "wish list" concerning how the money from any sale might be spent. Last year, though, Sir Micheal Sheresby, the popular local MP died. In the first by-election of the new parliment, the campaign to save Yiewsley Park became nationally prominent and Mr. Harmsworth then appeared to side with the local residents in opposing the plan. Tony Blair visited Yiewsley and every candidate tried to be seen with campaign leader Brian Wing. Mr. Harmsworth lost by just 19 votes after a recount. Richard Barnes, the senior Conservative Councillor said,"We're delighted the park was saved. For the next four years at least it is safe with us, and I am looking at ways of strengthening its legal protection".

How can I help ?

You can write
You can come to the fete

Over 7200 residents signed our petition against the superstore. Just some of them enjoyed themselves at our fair in the park this May. More events are planned.

Some people just couldn't control themselves


Hillingdon Town Hall, Uxbridge, London, UK.


Brian Wing, Yiewsley Residents Association, 22 Gordon Road, Yiewsley, Hillingdon, London.
State whether we can send your letter on to our local papers

You can see the fun we had when we set up a fair to raise cash and publicise the cause.


Brian Wing - Chairman

David Davies - Vice Chairman

Linda Esling - Secretary

Sally Nuth - Treasurer

The Committee - Chris Witcher, Paul Carmy, Wendy Rashid, Phoebe Simpkins, Anita Dyas

On Sunday 17th May 1998 we held a fete will be in the park with famous people like Brian Wing. (Well famous locally)

It is prepared by campaign to save Yiewsley Park

It was last updated on 17th May 1998. But that's not important right now.

The local Scout and Cub groups seek new recruits. Yiewsley needs you

Forget Notting Hill. Yiewsley is miles better.(It's also miles away)

Even the bowling club is drumming up support.

The Superstore Plan

Near the park is a TESCO store, and there are suggestions in council sponsored reports that TESCO would expand onto the park. Nearby is some derelict factory land. It would be interesting to see Hillingdon Council's reaction to proposals to build a superstore there instead. Although any benefits would be the same they, do not own the land and would miss out on any revenue.
Yiewsley already has four other supermarkets within 400 yards.

Three of a kind

They look a bit young to be Local History (Society that is)

Link to Yiewsley Baptist Church - right next to Tescos funnily enough


The Yiewsley Park Web Site goes to Oz! Casuarina Pearson from Perth, Australia contacted us. She's a 26 year old, recently married, (congrats !) linguist who was born in Yiewsley but moved out when she was one year old. Her family name at the time was Flint and some other relatives were called Newlands. If readers know anything about the family, who used to live in Ryelands Close then e-mail her at (Casuarina Pearson) Starting out to be an engineer she discovered her flair for linguistics and is now beginning post graduate studies. When she is ready she wants to decipher Paul Hogans jokes.